Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Brief Epiphany Brings to Light the True Nature of Things

Friendship is not fragile. Illusions are; affectations are; machinations and schemes and intrigues and self-interest are. But true affiliation, wherever it occurs, is impervious. So much so as to be a true wonder, persisting through time and trial as a lump of coal does in the womb of the earth, only later to be unearthed, brushed off, and discovered transfigured, transformed into the brightest of jewels.

Ages hence, another eye behind a jeweler's lens will judge if ours was this true feeling. I think it is, but have not the authority to judge it so. I find the critical gaze to be the most persistent, but most vacillating phenomenon in existence. Perhaps in one age, under some eyes, you and I will be friends, in another you will find me a villain, in some distant future we will never have known each other. We should persist in what we ourselves know to be true, and give them over to their own silly conjurations. Such are the many minds of those who would speculate on things long drifted into the sea of obscurity of all that is non-present. So give no heed to those who would say what a "Hamlet" is. Those who write your epitaph will have their inevitable victory over your memory, do not cede your life to them as well. Live for yourself, you have no choice but to die for everyone else.

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Don Quixote De La Mancha


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