Friday, November 10, 2006


It was always in your nature to find conflict where there was none. or to locate it slightly left of its truth. I entreat you to retreat, reconsider, view your adversaries with an eye to see if they are also your enemies. I think you will find they are not.
In any condition, if you must continue the "fight", please do in mind of your health. I would hate for this mental warfare to deplete what tenuous reserves you have, the short extent of which I know too well.
Of myself, I can only say that I continue on the road I have been walking: long, winding, gorgeous beyond description. This week, I am at ease. Along the way, I have often found cause to investigate events, peoples, and places that strike me, but of late, they are of little note. Only one will I recount. I met a woman: slight, dark, with lively eyes like I imagine under the brows of Sappho . She waved to me from a small garden in front of a house whose meanness became to me a function of her beauty, which even at the distance I was, radiated so powerfully that I could not help but stand dumbstruck for a moment staring at her, until she blushed and ran through the dark portal into the shadows of her dwelling. It has been a number of days since then, but I am still unable to banish her image from my thoughts. I wonder if I shall see her again in the flesh, but I think not. I am bound to a certain straight-forward movement that prohibits me retracing my steps, even for such a one as she.
I am not lonely, though. I would lend you my man if I could, that the joy I find in his enduring support could be yours. I am, however, sometimes convinced that the fog that envelopes Denmark is too thick to be penetrated by our lovely southern winds, no matter what form they take, or from whose lips they emanate.


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